Members of European Parliament demand action to end Roma exclusion

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European Parliament: EU must do more against social exclusion and anti-gypsyism

In a resolution adopted on Thursday with 545 votes to 96 and 54 abstentions, Parliament stresses that, due to persistent anti-gypsyism, Romani people in Europe suffer the highest rates of poverty and social exclusion. MEPs therefore call for inclusive education, early childhood development and an end to discrimination and segregation.

Romeo Franz (Greens/EFA, DE), rapporteur, said: „The EU has to do more to ensure the social inclusion of Romani people. For too many years, policies regarding Romani people were not binding and this has to change. We call on EU member states to officially recognise anti-gypsyism, which is the main cause of social exclusion of Romani people, and take legislative measures to combat it”.

More information on adopted resolution and related reports are available here.