CoE Strategic action plan for Roma and Traveller inclusion (2020-2025)

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The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers has on 22 January 2020 adopted the Strategic Action Plan for Roma and Traveller Inclusion 2020-2025 to combat anti-Gypsyism and discrimination and to support equality.

The plan also will foster democratic participation, promote public trust and accountability and support access to inclusive quality education and training.

The new action plan will be governed by the following fundamental principles:

  • a human rights-based approach, with a central place for the principle of non-discrimination;
  • respect for the rule of law;
  • respect for difference and diversity;
  • effective participation as full members of society;
  • equality between women and men; and
  • participation of Roma and Travellers in all decisions affecting them, at both individual and collective level through their representative organisations.