ZAPROM Newsletter 3
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Interview with Mikica
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Mrs. Mikica Gligić is a Slovenian poet and writer who has been active in the field of Roma inclusion in society for two decades. She has written several books on…

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Interview with Mr. Jožek Horvat Sandreli
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Jožek Horvat Sandreli is a romologist, writer, cultural worker and president of the Roma Association of Slovenia.

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Workshop on issues of discrimination in the recruitment and work process
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On May 5, 2022, the Roma Educational Center organized a workshop in Subotica for employers and employees in HR departments in public and private companies on issues of discrimination in…

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Interview with Mr. Darko Rudaš
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Interview with Mr. Darko Rudaš on the possibilities for improving the employment opportunities of the Roma Mr. Darko Rudaš is the President of the Forum of Roma Councilors and in…

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Seminar for the stakeholders for employment of Roma in Serbia
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Seminar for the stakeholders for employment of Roma in Serbia. The seminar took place on 10 May 2022 in Bačka Topola, organised by The Association of Ombudsmen of Serbia. On…

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Seminar on possibilities for improving Roma employment in Slovenia
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Stakeholder seminar on possibilities for improving Roma employment in Slovenia was organized by the Roma Association of Slovenia on 14 April 2022 in Moravske Toplice. The seminar was attended by…

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Seminar for Roma in Niš
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Partner organization YUROM Centre from Niš, Serbia organized workshop for members of Roma community for on discrimination in employment. On the workshop lecturers Sanja Stojančić, Prof. Dr Nevena Petrušić and…

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The Roma Association of Slovenia, Roma communities, non-governmental organizations and researchers point out the need to replace the word anti-gypsyism with the word anti-Romaism, as the word gypsy has a…

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World Roma Day
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At the celebration of the World Roma Day on 8 April, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Borut Pahor addressed the audience and emphasized the importance of respecting…

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